Public Service Announcement: Don’t Write While Sleepy!

Writing While Sleepy

This is a public service announcement to all the digital writers and ePublishers of the world! Do NOT write while sleepy. This is why…

1. You’re writing in an impaired state and so you think everything that you’ve just written sounds good!

2. You will make major typos.

3. You will make grammar mistakes that your 8 year old can identify.

4. You will probably not proofread your article because you are already falling asleep.

5. You may rush the article because you just want to finish it.

6. You will run into the dreaded writer’s block because all you can think about is your bed!

7. If you’re falling asleep at the keyboard, your life is seriously out of balance. Make some changes!

8. Perhaps you are really in a “groove” and you don’t want to stop. I hear you – just don’t press publish. Stop when you’re ready and proof read the next day.

9. Which leads me to my next gem – don’t publish while sleepy.

10. Finally, sleepy writing is typically not your best work. If you are writing for your blog or as a guest blogger, this is a bad move. You want to submit your BEST work to yourself and to sites you are submitting to. First impressions do matter. No one wants to buy or learn from someone who can’t spell or write a decent sentence. Sorry – but it’s the truth.

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