Ready To Win An Apple iPad Plus More Goodies?

iawbo virtual gift bagThis is going to be so much fun!

Have you heard about the free Virtual Gift Bag that IAWBO is giving away to 10,000 women entrepreneurs? If not, that’s okay – I’ll tell you where you can get yours in a second…

To see this mission to fruition IAWBO is hosting it’s 2nd Annual build the buzz to win contest… This means that by helping us spread the word about the gift bag you can win an Apple iPad, everyone’s favorite – CASHOLA, lifetime membership to the association and a lot more!

Okay, now back to the gift bag…

More than 30 successful women (including me) have contributed their wisdom to a complimentary Virtual Gift Bag devoted to supporting – and accelerating – the success of women in business online like you.

It’s available – for the month of September only – through IAWBO, the International Association of Women in Business Online. And it’s SO much more than your average “give-away”!

You’re really going to love this…

Each item in the gift bag is an EXCLUSIVE resource not available for-free anywhere else and also includes access to a special interview series that will unfold on IAWBO’s blog… the How Does She Do It? 2.0 series. You’ve watched and you’ve wondered. Now you can KNOW what these women do to achieve MEGA success.

And, you’ll appreciate this too…

You’ll get immediate access to all 30 gifts with just ONE opt-in! (You do not have to subscribe to any other list – unless you want to).

First, get your gift bag here: FREE IAWBO GIFT BAG

Then, check out the contest here:

There are so many ways to win… like I said, it’s going to be really fun!!


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