Save Money On Apple Computer Products

I hear from a lot of frustrated PC moms who want to switch over to mac, but it’s not in their budgets. While I do not put a price on my peace of mind :-), others must. Which is why I thought I’d let you know about Apple’s education web store.

You can qualify for Apple’s education discount not only if you are a teacher, a student, but also if you are an official PTO officer over at your kid’s school. (That’s me!)

The discounts are on most Apple products including iPods for the kids:-) Another thing they tend to do is run promotions such as buy a mac and get an iPod of your choice for free.

The discounts have been significant enough that I have purchased several macs over the years and now my kids have a computer, and both my husband and I have desktops (for work) and laptops for the bedroom and traveling :-)

Check it out over at Apple’s main site:


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