Sell Multiple Clickbank Products On One Account

I think I have known about this software for at least two years. It’s called easyclickmate. But like most things on the web, it takes me a while to “catch on” OR I purposely wait to see if it will be a good product or a passing fancy.

I have used several third party processors over the years – and they each have their pros and cons – but it was always important to me that I find one that would work well with my affiliate program. While many new fancy affiliate programs and systems came on the market – I find that nothing beats the system over at clickbank. I can get into all the reasons in another post – but bottom line is, is that there is an army of all ready “conditioned” affiliate marketers ready to promote the heck out of your products over there. You can’t beat it.

Problem is – you can only have one landing page with one account. Yuck! Why is that a problem? Well – that means if you have more than one product, you would have to create a landing page that basically lists all of your products and THEN they could click on those links to get to your sales pages. Too many steps. Lost sales. A pain for the prospect. Plus, you have to pay 49 bucks for each account.

That is why I FINALLY bit the bullet, and ordered the easyclickmate software. I can use this to set up all of my products on ONE clickbank account. AND I can run my affiliate program easily. Sweeeeet:) In fact, I have to stop writing now and go set it up real quick.

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