Simple Strategies You Can Use To Increase Profits In Any Business

How to Thrive and Prosper Right Now: Simple Strategies You Can Use To Increase Profits In Any Business

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Your image, etiquette, communication and interpersonal skills can play a major role in the type of opportunities that come your way. Opportunities that will l increase your earning potential, create or expand your circle of influence and enhance the quality of your relationships.

A potential client will, within seconds, determine if you are trustworthy and creditable. When you look polished and professional from head to toe, your credibility is unquestioned and trust goes up.

10 Tips on having the advantage

1. Be polite; treat all people the same even if you are not enjoying their company.      Never make enemies; you don’t know who knows whom and you never know when you might meet that person in a different location.

2.  Always use proper etiquette and manners. Using proper manners and appropriate etiquette will enhance your business and your personal relationships.

3.  In terms of your appearance, you must give careful attention to your dress, grooming, and accessories.  People and potential clients will judge your quality of work by your physical appearance.  Does your image reflect your product or service?

4.  People always enjoy handwritten notes.  Outclass your competition by sending thank you notes.  You can make them special by writing them on customized stationery.

5.  Teach people about yourself and your product and or service.  However, don’t go into a long speech about you, your company or product.  Tell a story, people can relate to stories.

6.  When it comes to introductions, be prepared to answer the question “What do you do?”

7.  Have you crafted your thirty second commercial, and is it second nature to you?    Practice until it is natural and flows freely.

8.  Go beyond networking.  Build your business relationships strategically and systematically.  The acquaintance you make today may become your closet business alliance tomorrow.

9.  What do you do when you walk into a room full of the opposite sex and you have business to conduct?  What do you do about sexual advances?

When you are assertive you gain the respect of others, you get more of what you want and you don’t feel as frustrated or irritated with others. Situations that once represented roadblocks become mere barriers that can be removed with skill and tact.

Women in particular need this kind of “sticking up for yourself” attitude.  Assertiveness is a valuable skill in a world where people first, don’t listen; second, listen but don’t understand; and third, understand but don’t respond.

10.  Be a team player. Become the MVP, Most Valuable Player. Make sure you understand the goals of the team. As a team member complete your tasks on time. Always communicate with other team members if you are unable to complete your assigned task.

Never complain, criticize, or condemn.  Remember there is no “I” in TEAM.

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