Article Marketing 101: Spell Check Your Writing Please!

I subscribe to a well-known marketer’s monthly print newsletter. It’s — okay. I don’t love it. And I don’t absolutely think it’s junk. But for 40 bucks a month — I think that it should at least be spell checked!

While I am a firm believer in getting people out of their perfection traps, and promoting the saying that writer should just get it done instead of worrying about getting it done perfectly — let’s be reasonable here.

Marketers who charge me for their information and do not have the common decency to spell check and grammar check their work, leave me feeling cheated. I truly believe that this really successful “guru” speeds through writing this newsletter every month because it’s just one more thing to do on his plate.

Perhaps he isn’t outsourcing enough of his other tasks, because when I tell you that there is some obvious grammatical errors every month — that make me have to stop and re-read them so that I understand what he just wrote — I’m telling you the truth.

It’s just plain ole’ annoying, and I feel — unprofessional. Not when he has a huge staff working for him. Heck – even my nine year old daughter could do a basic spell and grammar check in Microsoft Word!

Listen everyone. It’s important. Don’t spend the entire day on it. Don’t even spend an hour on it. But take 10 minutes after you’ve written something – especially something that you are going to charge people for and do a spell and grammar check.

The quality of your work is a reflection of you as a person and as a business owner.

By the way, if there are any errors in this post – I’m sorry:-), but hey at least I didn’t charge you for it!

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