Top Online Document Sharing Sites

Top Online Document Sharing Sites

If you have written an ebook or short report that you’d like to share with the world in a very viral way, free of charge, then here is a quick list of my top online document sharing sites and their Alexa rankings.
Alexa Ranking: #220
First up is the online document sharing powerhouse Scribd. This is the leader among the document sharing sites because of the high amount of traffic the site receives. If you can only choose one — then go with this site.

online document sharing
Alexa Ranking: #981
I like this online document sharing site because it is dedicated to small business owners and professionals. The traffic is excellent as well. Not too far behind Scribd.

online document sharing - docstoc
Alexa Ranking: #6,389
Yudu has a clean and modern feel. You’ll find a lot of ebooks and digital magazines featured on this site. Traffic is very respectable.

yudu online document sharing
Alexa Ranking: #64,553
Docshare has a mixture of popular books and white papers. They have a great slider which features what’s currently being read and another section that features popular downloads. It’s not the prettiest online document sharing site but it gets your documents in front of people for sure.

docshare online document sharing
Alexa Ranking: #2,836
Esnips has great traffic numbers and is a site for all types of file sharing including pictures, video, audio and files. I think this is a better site for those of you in non-business/non-marketing types of niches.

esnips online document sharing

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