Twitter Marketing: Where Have All My Old Tweets Gone?

Twitter Marketing Tip – How To Find Your Old Tweets

When I first started on Twitter I wasn’t smart enough to realize that there would be some tweets that I would want to remember. Ones that I would want to refer back to. But if you check on Twitter or any of your twitter browser tools, you can’t go back into the history of all your old tweets. Just a few pages or so.

So if you want to scroll through ALL of your old tweets, there is a cool app that can do that for you: Twime Machine

Imagine the article ideas you may discover buried in those old tweets:)


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    There’s also a couple of options for saving the tweets regularly, so in the future you can look even beyond that 3200 limit (and is handy in case Twitter has another outage and forgets some tweets, which is known to happen). One of such options is my small project , which lets you back up, search history, and a few other things.


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