Twitter Tools For Tracking

I really love social media expert Maria Reyes McDavis because she always gives a lot of quality free information about blogging and social media. She has compiled a great list of Twitter Tracking Tools that I’d like you take a look at.

Why does this matter for article marketers? Well, the biggest advantage of using a Twitter tracking tool is that you will stay abreast of the types of conversations that are “hot” or popular on Twitter at any given time. You can make tweets related to those hot topics and get in front of a lot new readers OR you can create content around those hot topics then tweet (with a link) to that new article.

I just started doing this using the trending topics area directly on Twitter and have seen a good response in new traffic this way. Using a tracking tool to dig even deeper could only bring better results. It’s just about making the time:-)

Take A Look At The Entire Twitter Tracking List


  1. Stefani says

    HI (”;)
    How do you track people who unfollowed you in the past i.e (from Jan 2011-Sep 2011) ? I cannot find one tracking tool that does this, I can only find tools that track future unfollows

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