Update Your Copyright Information

It’s that time of year again where all of us blog, website, sales page, and squeeze page owners need to change the copyright information at the bottom of the page. Now for some of us, this might be quite a few pages, and oh what a pain if you can’t outsource it. But I think it is absolutely worth it.

I for one hand am one of those people that visits websites and looks at the copyright date. I think it says a lot when I visit your website in March and the copyright information is still from last year. I wonder just how much attention is being paid to the website, at least by people who care. Not just “workers”.

Sure it’s a small thing, but go ahead and take out about 60 seconds or a little longer for some of you to go update your site’s copyright information. It will let everyone know who has taken the time to visit your website, that you are there, that you are present, and that you give your sites a little TLC.

*If you own a Thesis blog, here are some easy directions to update your footer in 60 seconds!

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