Website Traffic: Where Does Your Traffic Come From?

Website Traffic

Website Traffic

In one of my private coaching groups of which I am a member, the group was polled on where our traffic was coming from. This group doesn’t really have too many newbies, it is for intermediate and advanced marketers. So I found the results interesting. Choices included: Podcasts, Videos, Social Marketing, Article Syndication, Search Engines, Links From Other Sites, and Other. The top two sources of traffic for members which represented 70% of the results, came from the search engines and from article syndication. Both of which are content driven.

1. Search engine traffic comes from people who have found your content organically through a search online. There has to be content with keyword phrases that exists in order for you to be found. Rarely in this day and age can you just rank for keywords based on your website title or url. You need to have content living on your site to make an impact on the search engines.

2. Article syndication occurs when someone republishes one of your articles on their website, newsletter, etc. So that just goes to show you that whether you are just beginning or have been at this a long time — writing content (articles) is what ultimately will bring you REAL and long-lasting traffic that visits your site again and again.


  1. newlookvouchercodes says

    I have a political site where the traffic was mostly facebook driven (twitter delivers little, but seems to be the beginning of hits and influences other facebook friends). Apart from that its normally around 20% referalls, 80% google (yahoo and bing are tiny in the uk).

  2. lisaangelettie says

    Interesting that you get a lot of traffic from Facebook and not
    Twitter so much. It's different for every niche:) Thanks for coming by.


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