We’re On Alltop!

We’re On Alltop! Yippee:)

Getting your site included among the coveted web directories is frankly like pulling teeth! You either have to pay for one like the Yahoo business directory (which I don’t know how good of an investment that is any longer) or you have to have the patience of Job and bide your time.

Lisa Angelettie On Alltop

Well patience finally paid off because my site is now included in the much coveted Alltop.com Directory. With pretty high standards, I can’t even tell you how long it took before I was accepted into Alltop but that’s okay, because I am super excited about contributing my content and what I know about content marketing to the Alltop community.

If you have your own page on Alltop of your favorite blogs (something you should do if you haven’t), then I humbly ask if you’d add my site to your list of blogs to watch. Find me in the content marketing section here: http://content-marketing.alltop.com/.

I’m among some fine company on that page: Seth Godin, Copyblogger, The Blog Squad — so I’m definitely feeling like “I’m one of the cool kids!” (Of course you need to scroll it bit down on the page to find me:)


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