Article Promotion: What I Learned By Link Building For Prizes!

I am excited today because I just discovered that I won a cool link building contest over at Jack Humphrey’s Friday Traffic Report. I win a full year ($1164 value) of his new Blog Success program, which will launch December 2nd, which I am amped about because his social marketing strategies really helped me take my business to the next level, and I’m looking forward to even taking it a step or two further in 2009. But let me tell you a little bit about what I learned while participating in this contest…

1. I learned that if I REALLY want something, I can go get it. And I did truly wanted to win this contest.

2. I learned that Jack created a really easy and pain-free way to get a lot of links back to your site. Everyone likes a contest, and it’s something that I could easily do.

3. I learned that is was more important that the participants link deeply into his site and not just to his home page, because when we did we were rewarded with more entries into the contest.

4. I learned that as I link to other good content – it does more for my authority and ranking as well.

So basically I’m saying — that I learned a lot of good stuff and I’ll be using those same concepts and running a few of my own contests over here. So look out for my first contest — coming soon!


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