What Is User Generated Content & Do I Need It For My Business?

What Is User Generated Content & Do I Need It For My Business?

User generated content is any content on the web (articles, video, audio, images, social media content, reviews, forums) that has been contributed by the users of the website and not the administrators. So for example, in Amazon’s (Amazon.com) case, their product reviews are a HUGE part of the user generated content you will find on their website.

If you notice, not only does Amazon ask for you to review products that you’ve bought from them, but they’d love it if you added a video review and/or your own product images. So why do they do this? Well, it’s really simple.

user generated content

1. User Generated Content Builds Trust

User generated content builds trust between the site owner (in this case Amazon) and potential customers (you). If Amazon and another site are selling a product at the same price point, same delivery charges, but Amazon has 10 reviews on the product and the other site does not — which site are you more likely to purchase the product from? Statistics prove that most people will trust the site with the user reviews more than the site that has nothing.

2. Search Engines Love User Generated Content

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing all love user generated content. Google even admitted that they now add user generated content (such as social media content) as a factor when weighing the importance and relevance of a website. That’s BIG!

3. User Generated Content Makes Your Job Easier!

We can use Amazon as an example again. It’s up to Amazon administrators to set up the products and pages, but it’s up to users to create reviews, ratings, user lists, wish lists, profile pages and more. And let’s face it, it’s the reviews and all this other content that really seals the sale. This makes Amazon’s job so much easier. We the users make the sale for them!

Okay so we’re not Amazon, but let’s look at how we can use user generated content in our businesses. Take a look at some of the leaders in your niche. Do they have a lot of comments on their blog, do they permit guest blogging on their site, do they have a strong presence on social media sites like Twitter & Facebook? This is all user generated content and this is an area where solopreneurs have a real chance to shine.

So should you use user generated content in your content marketing plan? Heck yes! Can you do it all — probably, but it’s better to pick one thing, run with it, and do it well.

Have more questions about user generated content? Leave ’em below and let’s talk!


  1. Nonoy Sotelo says


    Facebook and Friendster are both social networking sites. These sites can update you with the latest news from your colleagues. Sharing your profile and photos and even videos is of the same core of both. I have accounts in both Friendster and Facebook. I have already cried out the lines – add me, leave some comments, give me gifts, buy me in that app – to my friends just so my accounts could improve.

    But come to think of it, which of the two is really better to use and in terms of what? Are there more similarities or more differences between these two social networking giants? Let’s try to compare them and see which one is superior to the other.

    Social networking site Facebook was launched on 2004. Mark Zuckerburg, founder, initially restricted users’ access only to the Harvard alumni. with its popularity growing so rapidly, Facebook was opened for public access on 2006. With a record member statistics up to 50 million users in October 2007.

    Meanwhile, Friendster can be a pioneer in Internet social networking. Friendster has been developed in 2002 by Jonathan Abrams. Referred to as the Web of Friends, is the result of the combination of the Circle of Friends in combination with the Web of Contacts.

    Simple, Vibrant, and Clean Homepage

    I remember when I first visited Facebook. I must admit that I was pretty impressed by its interface. The no-nonsense Facebook homepage emits an air of friendliness. The very accessible features that have grown steadily through the years were enough to make you stick with using it. Once you get to connect to a lot of your friends, sharing photos, updates, and fun stuff with each other – that’s when you know that you have been Faceboked!

    Aside from its design, it’s the value-added, plain old fun features of Facebook may keep you glued to the site. Whether you are posting to a friend’s fun wall or creating a photo album for all the rest of your contacts to view, Facebook is a robust, fast-loading website with powerful interactive features. add in the ability to customize your pages with Facebook “apps,” and the site becomes an even more powerful force to contend with.

    Asia’s Top Social Networking Site

    Friendster has become the icon of social networking in Asia. People, like me, just love the way Friendster has managed to bridge the digital divided among long-lost friends, classmates, and fellow alumni. I’ve even heard how many have met their true love ones because of friendster.

    What makes Friendster tick among Asian social networking users is the fact that it is so easy to use and yet packed with fun features. For example, the hyperlinked profile information of its members is a great way of finding other people of similar interests to you. And recently Friendster has started to open up its platform to third-party application developers.

    On Privacy

    What I do hate in Facebook is the lack of privacy – people tagging photos of you even though they’re not particulary flattering, annoying people bugging you with instant messages messages from non-annoying people are more than welcome), although maybe it’s my fault for adding people-I-find-annoying as my friends, hahaha!

    On Applications

    This one’s a thumbs-up for Facebook. Facebook has easy-to-use, entertaining, interactive games and application wherein your friends can also visit your game profile, you can level up if you play regularly, etc. I am sure you’ve heard of Farmville, whoa! Friendster has applications too, but they are not applealing as these ones in facebook, I’m telling you! It’s beacause Facebook pulls all of the information from you while fro Friendster, you just play or do what you want in an application.

    On Blogs

    Friendster has a blog feature while Facebook do not, Friendster wins here. It seems that Facebook concentrates m any on its apps! I admit that I did my first blog post in Friendster when it was at its high popularity height.

    And the winner is…

    Facebook! Almost everyone is transferring to FB because Friendster got boring (although I still visit FS to check out the commentrs and who’s viewed me). Facebook truly is the “Google” of social networking sites, and it would take a lot to displace it from its current position.

    However, whatever site is much better than another, the real essence of socail networking sites should be kept in mind. they are made so we can keep in touch with those we love and care for. So, until here! Happy socializing!

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