Why The Term Expert Is Overrated!

Why The Term Expert Is Overrated!

I’ve worked with many clients who are at the beginning of their online marketing and ePublishing and I run into the same roadblock with them every time we start working together. People continually get stuck moving forward in their businesses because they don’t believe that they know what they are talking about – they don’t buy into the fact that they are an “expert” in their niche.

Okay, first of all let me say this. The term expert is defined as a person who has a special skill or knowledge in some particular field; a specialist; or an authority. Most people who have a business online and write about that business, have a specialized knowledge of something. I have been writing for a living for over 20 years – that makes me an authority and an expert in my niche. Think about what makes you an expert.

1. Do you have real life experience doing what you write about and what you teach?

2. Have you gone to school or had any specialized training for what you do?

3. Have people referenced you, your work, or your business?

4. Do your friends and family know how to do what you do?

5. Do you do what you do at a higher level than the average person?

6. Have you done extensive research on your topic?

7. Have you taught someone to do what it is you do?

8. Have previous clients/customers referred you to others?

Answering YES to any of these qualifies you as an expert in your niche. Believe me when I say that it’s very easy to become immersed in your field and perhaps create professional relationships with others — and then start to think that everyone knows and understands what it is you do. It’s easy to get caught up believing that, but it is far from the truth.

In fact very few people probably totally understand what it is you do or at least how to get the results that you get in your business. What you write about, the products you create, the programs and workshops that you build, should always be developed from A to Z. People actually know less than you think.

So if worrying about “what you are going to say” in your articles, your products, or as a speaker has you paralyzed — relax. Even if you are not the “go to” expert yet in your field, you are most definitely an expert and people have a lot to learn from you. The term “expert” is completely overrated. It doesn’t mean that you need a Ph.D. It just means that you need to know a little bit more than the average person.

Have you ever been stuck in your business because you didn’t think you were an expert?



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