WordPress Plugin For Writing Article Series

I write a lot of article series on my sites, especially this one. I’ve always wanted to create a connection between each article but didn’t want to manually put the NEXT or BACK links in my post. This cool wordpress plugin that I found will do it for us. Try it and let me know how it works out!
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In Series WordPress Plugin

Often times when writing about a topic in-depth it’s advisable to break it up for the reader. The way to do this before would be to create a page announcing the series and provide links to all the articles in the series. Well no more! The In Series WordPress Plugin makes this task seamless. The plugin adds an option to add it to a series, and the plugin generates the necessary connections between the content. It’s great, because it requires no hacking of your template–it works right out of the box!
Even though I personally haven’t got to give this plugin a go, I’m excited to really make use of this one. Writing series is a great way to present lengthy content on the web, and this plugin takes all of the work out of doing so (besides the writing of course).
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