Article Marketing Tips: Write Articles Based On Newsletter Unsubscribe Reasons

Everyone reading this article right now should have a way to opt-in people who have just read your articles. That means you need to have some sort of autoresponder and/or newsletter list. I have used several companies over the years, but I really like the stability of aweber; but whichever company you use, it should have an option which allows subscribers to say why they are unsubscribing if they choose to unsubscribe from your list. Aweber also sends me an email notification when a person unsubscribes with the details in the email on why they did. Love that!

Why? Well this is a great way to generate article ideas and write articles, because when you write from a place of “objection” you often can speak on typical and common reasons why people may not choose to buy your product or use your service BUT why they should. Also…

1. If you do not have this option with your service, then change it. The information on why subscribers are leaving is essential to growing your business and writing articles that prequalify them for a successful sale.

2. Don’t worry about if people will use this option or not — more than not — they do. If I had to guess right now, I would say that about 85% to 90% of people who unsubscribe from my list give a reason why. So it is well worth it to pay attention to that area of your stats.

3. Don’t feel personally “rejected” when you see that someone has unsubscribed from your list. Remember that not everyone will benefit or will see the benefits of your information right now. Remember that everyone is not the perfect fit for your business. And finally the information on why they are leaving is actually a nice trade-off for them leaving. At least you know why and what information you can provide new subscribers to help keep them on the list.

4. Go use the information. Don’t just sit on it. I’m writing an article tonight on the objection of someone who abandoned ship yesterday. It was something that I take for granted, and this subscriber reminded me that I needed to speak on it to keep other members feeling the same way around.

Can you think of other unconventional ways to generate article ideas? If so, we’d love to hear your tips. Just leave a comment below.

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