Write Your First Article Today

I know what you’re thinking. You have this great business. You have a wonderful product or a fabulous service, but you don’t know how to express just how great it is in words.

You want to try article marketing. You’ve heard the success stories. Zero cost. Steady traffic. High visibility. You’ve also heard the horror stories. How on earth will you find the time? How do you know people will want to read what you’ve written. Article submission is long and tedious.

But think about this when you go to write your first article today

How did you find the last product you bought on the web? The last marketing list you signed up on, how did you find that expert? I bet you that it was either directly or indirectly from an article.

Articles establish authority, visibility, traffic, and sales. That’s a fact.

Best of all they do it at zero cost to the writer. So of course every REAL earner on the web uses article marketing.

Top internet marketers aren’t telling you that because of course they are selling you a “different” or “newer” internet marketing strategy. But the truth is – they are using articles on their sites and blogs, over at directories, as affiliate tools, in their newsletters — they are everywhere.

So when you go to your “to do” list of marketing activities, I strongly urge you to add:

To Do: Write Your First Article Today

It’s as simple as these three steps:

1. Pick a topic that is a source of pain for prospects in your niche

2. Write a 400-500 word article on the solution to that pain

3. Publish the article on your site, in your ezine, and/or a high-traffic article directory

Need more help with this? I will hold you by the hand and help you write articles by the dozen when you enroll in my weekly article marketing course.

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