WriteSwap: Content Marketplace Like Fiverr

WriteSwap Is A Marketplace For Content And Looks Like Fiverr

I know some of you are never going to take my advice and leave a lot of the creative writing elements of running your business for you to do yourself and not outsource to someone else.

So with you rebels in mind, I stumbled across a site called WriteSwap which is a marketplace for all things content related such as: Advertising, Articles, Biographies, Blog Content, Direct Mail, Ebooks, Editing, Email Copy, Fiction, Licensing/PLR, Press Releases, Proof Reading, Reports, Research, and  Sales Copy/Critiques.

The site looks a lot like Fiverr, in fact it seems to be built on the same platform which is cool, but the pricing is not the same (which is a bummer). The jobs on this site run more than a Fiverr job ($5), and tend to run an average of between $10-$50 USD.




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