Writing Articles: Help For When You Run Out Of Things To Write

I will admit that for a lot of “new” online entrepreneurs, things are so exciting and fresh and new when you are starting out on the web that there seems to be a million things to write about in regards to your business. Writing articles is not so difficult in the beginning. But then — the block begins. I’ve heard it a million times (out of my own mouth some days:), “Lisa, I am running out of things to write about my business. I have nothing left to write about.”

So okay, this may happen. I’m not going to lie here and say that there are a million things you can educate readers on about, for example, Snuggies® those blankets with sleeves that you see on the informercials. I mean how much can you say about those after a while. That’s why you may have to think about your writing in a different way — because I guarantee you — you may not have anything new to say but you can explain an old concept in a new and fresh way – everyday.

1. Remember that each article you write does not have to introduce a new concept to your readers. What I mean by that is say I’m explaining to my community, how to write article titles. I may write 10 articles on it and a few of those articles touch on the same concepts, but there may be a way in which I am explaining how to write an article in one article that speaks to and reaches a reader in a way that the other article did not. Same topic – different approach. That’s why it is very important that you write more than one article on any particular idea in your niche, because you will write them differently every time. Reaching different readers every time.

2. If you truly have nothing to say, but you want to create content, you can always write a “commentary” on something that someone else in your niche has written. Isn’t that what movie critics and political commentators do everyday – while millions of people listen to them? You can do the same. I’m not saying you should build all your content around commentary, but a few opinionated articles will bring you a good deal of attention by prospects and competitors alike — and who couldn’t use a little attention?

3. Run a guest article on your site. This is great chance for you to feature articles from other business owners who you have done joint ventures with or who you would like to do a joint venture with. Be selective and do it occasionally – but always have a few bloggers/entrepreneurs whose work  you know you could feature on your site in a pinch.

4. Look at your last support email. Even the tiniest support question can spark an article. If someone sent you an email about a link not working properly on your site, you can write an article about how to fix broken links, etc.

5. Call on the Article Gods. (Just making sure you were paying attention:) Actually what you can do is go to your list of newsletters that you subscribe to and cruise around for ideas. If you are involved in any type of marketing for your business, I’m sure that you have subscribed to zillions of newsletters. You should be able to find some inspiration from something that someone else, perhaps in a different niche, has written and let the article gods guide you the rest of the way!


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    great article, specially i love the idea of running a guest article on the website. i have few business owners with whom i would love to do joint ventures and now i think i will put on my site one article from time to time which features other business.
    .-= Thin´s last blog ..Hazelnut and Chocolate Crepes Recipe =-.


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