What’s Your Writing Inspiration?

writing in snowstorm Writing Inspiration

I took this picture of my yard out of my kitchen window today, so it’s not that great, but a good snowstorm puts me in a creative mood for some reason.

I have always loved the look of fresh snow especially when I don’t have to go right out into it because the kids have a snow day. I can just hunker down, sip on some hot tea or Pepsi :), and write a few articles or bank out another chapter in one of my books or infoproducts.

Sometimes I am not so “self aware”, so when it hit me that I love to write when it snows, it got me thinking about other sources of writing inspiration as well as a few writing rituals.

1. I love to write when singing.

2. I write better at night.

3. I sometimes write best when writing first in freehand then editing it at the computer.

4. I prefer to write on a desktop vs a laptop.

5. I like to write on summer days with the hum of a window unit air conditioner.

6. I like to write after a shower.

7. I must have something to drink when I’m writing. Either ice water or Pepsi. Occasionally tea if my office is too cold.

8. I like to write when a dog is laying by my feet.

9. I often write more, believe it or not, when I’m tired.

Think about the last time you really got into a groove writing? What was your backdrop? Where were you? Were you listening to music? Did something make you happy that day? Or sad? What are some of the things or circumstances that inspire you to write your best and produce the most?

I’d love for you to share them in the comments section below…


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