Writing Opinion Articles In 5 Easy Steps

I highly recommend to my community that when you run out of article ideas, you can always fall back on a tried and true article format – writing opinion articles. For us business owners, writing opinion articles can be a little difficult to attempt, because we don’t want to alienate our market or we want to make sure we know what we are talking about before we put it out there in the world.

I’m here to tell you though that those hesitations are unfounded, because a true way you can step up in your niche and become visible is to write a thought-provoking opinion article on a relevant issue in your niche. You will be noticed. Your articles will be emailed to others. People will be compelled to leave comments. And your credibility your rise.

So you ready to take that leap into the world of opinion article magic? Let’s go! Here are five easy steps to writing opinion articles in your niche on the fly…

Step 1
Do your research. I don’t mean in-depth, hours online research. I just mean for you to quickly find out what is going on in your niche. What are the hot topics. New products. New laws or changes in the marketplace. Get an idea of what people are talking about. Check high-profile websites in your niche. Check forums. Social media sites.

Step 2
Choose a position. What makes an opinion article unique is when you choose a position on an issue. You begin to grow your voice and that is what will resonate with readers. Don’t be wishy-washy. Make a choice. Either you like it or you don’t. Either it won’t work or it will. Either it’s relevant or it isn’t.

Step 3
Write in the first person. I have read countless opinion articles by folks who weren’t comfortable with step 2, and so they hide a little bit by writing in the third person. While writing in the first person is used mainly in fiction, by using it, you are firmly saying “In my opinion”, “I believe”, “I think”. This makes it clear on exactly where you stand, and presents you as an authority on the topic which you are discussing.

Step 4
Include supporting facts and/or examples. When you are writing an opinion article, you don’t necessarily have to do this, but I find that it makes your article stand out as an opinion from a “credible expert”. That is to include examples, facts, statistics, quotes or whatever you have that can support your position and your opinion on what you are writing.

Step 5
Don’t overanalyze the article.
Just write it and put it out there. Let it do what it’s going to do. Bring you wanted attention and traffic:)


  1. says

    Thank you so much!
    I am writing an article for the school newspaper and my mind has tons of things going on so I am so happy that you kept it simple, (how my article should be). I was so glad when I saw this: 5 Steps
    Thank you sooo much!
    You saved my life!
    p.s. wish me luck
    I am now typing at 238 words per minute
    I am fast!!!


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