Writing Tips: Write Articles First Thing In The Morning!

My kids are going through that “gross” phase. You know the one where you never wanted to take a bath or brush your teeth? So while it makes sense for them to get dressed, eat breakfast, then brush their teeth to get all the pancake syrup off — that’s not how it’s going down right now in the Angelettie house. Now I tell them to get out of bed, sleep walk to the bathroom, and brush their teeth right away to get it over with. At least I know that their teeth were brushed AND that’s one less battle I have to deal with in the morning. The same principle applies for this writing tip.

So you can stop battling yourself all day about when you’re going to write, what you’re going to write etc. Just get it over with! Write your articles first thing in the morning and worry about other things for the rest of the day. I know that this writing strategy works really well for me, because I tend to agonize over things sometimes to the point where I am paralyzed. I have often put off writing articles because I wanted to tie them into a product that isn’t ready yet, and then nothing gets written that day. That is not a strategy for article marketing success. You have to consistently write to see results.

So what I often do is get up, wake the kids up, and then go to my office and write an article. Even if its only a 250+ word blog post (I prefer writing 400 word articles), it’s content out there doing its job. Educating (hopefully:), entertaining (sort of:), and attracting new clients (always!). After that – I go down and cook breakfast.

Can you find an extra 15 minutes in the morning to write your articles and get it over with?


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    I like to write in the morning so I can get it done. I get more stressed, the longer I put it off. What a great relief and productivity booster it is to get it done.

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