#1 Mistake Online Marketers Make For Years!

I was talking to a client the other day and she was so excited about a marketer she had discovered, His new product on video production. And then she found a cool social media tool she wanted to try. And then she found a list building program she wanted to join. She told me about all of these things to get my approval on whether to go with or not.

She hadn’t been listening to me obviously, because she is making the #1 mistake that online marketers make – and make for months and years even! So you want to know what it is?

Not selecting ONE marketing strategy and mastering it BEFORE you move on to the next strategy.

I can tell you that I know this for sure because I did it myself for years and I have seen many other people do the same. Even people who you may consider top marketers online. The truth is – is that many of us have been online making practically zero dollars for months or years until we finally figured it out…

It wasn’t a big mystery either. There was no magic online marketing solution. No huge bells and whistles. It was all about simply making a decision on a marketing tactic and following it through. When you finally realize that this is what you MUST do in order to see any significant movement in your business – then that is when you will start to see more income results.

This philosophy is based on my position of wanting to be a pro at one thing instead of a half-ass amateur in regards to a lot of different strategies.

So let me warn you right now. If you have just bought 2 ebooks, joined a coaching program, and are trying your hand at social marketing and PPC. STOP!!! You are all over the place and you won’t gain any traction.

Make the decision today. Right Now. This is how you do it:

1. What marketing strategy appeals to you the most? Which one seems to align with your personality, skill set, etc. (Be honest with yourself. What level are you at right now in regards to your marketing ability?)

2. What marketing strategy have you been using somewhat consistently in the last 3 months? (That’s probably the one you are best at)

3. What strategies do you wish you had time for but can’t do right now. (Scrap ’em!)

4. What marketing strategy have you seen tangible results with? (Traffic. Income. List Building.)

5. If you could only pick ONE marketing tactic to use, what would it be. (This can be something you have or have not tried before.)

For me it was a no brainer. No matter what other hair-brained marketing schemes I would buy into over the years, I would always consistently write. One day I had an aha moment and realized that I should be focusing my energies on writing content. I enjoyed it. I did it well. I saw tangible results. And if I could only rely one marketing strategy in my business, it would be article marketing. It is one of the most time-tested and proven traffic generators and list builders on the web.

Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke – right?

Have you had your aha moment yet? Share with us in the comments section below, what ONE marketing strategy are you going to choose and run with this year?


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