Affiliate Article Marketing: Writing Halloween Articles

Have you noticed over the last couple of years that there are many stores for rent in your area which are leased to Halloween costume retailers – during this time of year? I remember the first time I saw one, I thought it had to be waste of rent on the costumer’s part, because I couldn’t figure how they would ever get their investment back. I should add that most of these temporary rental shops often pop up in higher economic shopping districts. So I knew the rent must have been pretty high — but then again — I never took in account that they must have been on to something or why was everyone doing it!

Sure enough – they were right and I learned a good lesson. Did you know that the Halloween industry is worth roughly about 7 billion dollars, and that a good chunk of that revenue comes from the purchasing of you guessed it – Halloween Costumes?

Writing Halloween Articles
That is music to the ears of us affiliate article marketing folks, because when we begin writing Halloween articles that include Halloween costume affiliate links, we can start to see some serious revenue start rolling in year after year. This is how you get it done.

1. Join a Halloween Costume affiliate program. You can find several good ones over at commission junction.

2. Conduct keyword research on halloween costumes and find a long-tail keyword that you can build content around and monetize. For example: “Playboy Bunny Halloween Costume”

3. Buy a domain name using those keywords over at or

4. Set up a “Halloween” themed WordPress blog, and begin building keyword-optimized content.

5. Make sure to include your keywords in titles, meta tags, and body of your articles.

6. Make sure your articles include additional information on (ex. Playboy Bunny Halloween Costumes) such as the origins of the Playboy logo or on Hugh Hefner. Link to outside sources on those topics. This helps the search engines see that you are creating useful content and not just affiliate fodder.

7. Rinse and repeat. You can do this for as many long-tail Halloween Costume keywords as you like.

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