Article Directory: What Is A Good Article Directory?

Q: How Do You Pick A Good Article Directory, Lisa?

A: When I first started doing article marketing purposefully, I had no idea where to publish my articles besides my own website. I soon learned that finding a decent article directory to publish to would be the best thing for me to start spreading my content to a larger audience. So what makes a good article directory? This is a question I am often asked and so I will break it down for you in the simplest of terms so you can get started quickly…

1. Do Humans or Computers Review Your Articles?
If you find that your articles are automatically accepted at an article directory and the site seems to be totally automated, you might assume that that is a good thing. But it is not. That means that every article that crosses their path gets accepted. A lot of junk, spam, and crappy articles. You do not want to be on that type of site.

2. Who Owns The Site?
If you can’t click on a link on the home page of the directory and find out who founded it, who runs it, and why — chances are you have an owner who isn’t looking for you to question him about anything concerning your articles. He just wants your content without giving customer service or author support.

3. How Soon Are Your Articles Reviewed?
Confessions of an old article directory owner (me:) — I was late reviewing articles. Mainly because I had little support. It was just me and two other staffers. And it was a part time gig for them. So it’s best to look for a site where articles seem to be reviewed within about 24-72 hours. Another example is, I recently got an article acceptance email from a site that I submitted to at least 2 months ago. They don’t have to worry about me submitting there anymore!

4. What Extras Do They Provide?
One of the great things about submitting your articles to article directories are some of the features that they offer in an effort to promote your work. So look to see if they offer RSS feeds, email alerts, social media (Twitter), share with a friend scripts.

5. Can You See Results?
Ultimately you will have to track and test your article directory submissions to make sure that the site is generating traffic back to your landing pages, squeeze pages, or main site. That is a true test of whether or not you should submit and continue submitting to any one article directory.


  1. Anne Johnson says

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for the great post. I'm currently looking for some different places to do my article marketing and some fresh, new strategies. Do you have any additional suggestions?
    Thanks so much.

  2. lisaangelettie says

    Hi Anne.
    I believe that one of the strongest article marketing advantages that
    one can obtain
    is by publishing articles on 3rd party websites with related content
    to yours. The
    search engines LOVE it. You will get in front of a fresh audience. And
    it feels good
    to see you featured on another site – other than directories with tons
    of authors.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. says

    I’ve just created this new article directory out of being passionate on seo and i’m looking forward to follow your advice to gain credibility to my new article directory great post


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