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Best Article Directory List

by Lisa Angelettie

in Article Directory, Article Marketing, Article Submission

Lisa’s List Of The Best Article Directories

There are several ways to approach article submissions. The first is to submit your articles to lots of article directories for more backlinks and to possibly rank for long-tail keywords from several places. But the preferred method by me is to hand pick the best article directories (most traffic, most published, good PR ranking) and submit articles to only those top article directories.

Here is my updated list of the best article directories on the web by pagerank as of: March 29, 2011

PR7 – Best Article Directories

  1. Suite101 – This is the big kahuna of article directories based on its PR ranking, time on the web, and the fact that you get paid ad revenues for your work.

PR6 – Best Article Directories

  1. EzineArticles – If you’re just starting out in article marketing, this is the one to start with. People do not just submit to or syndicate articles from this site, it is a real community. Great support and development.
  2. ArticleBase -This is another article directory biggie. Continued development on this site as well.
  3. Isnare – iSnare is a  strong article directory and submission service.
  4. SelfGrowth -Sign up as an expert on this site and you can submit articles to this directory. Lot’s of networking on this site.
  5. WebProNews – This is an old and respected directory which must approve your content. Also, you can only submit original articles – no duplicates.
  6. Helium – Cool and up-to-date article directory.
  7. Buzzle -Another strong article directory with simple site design.
  8. American Chronicle -This is a network of article sites whose results often appear in Google News results.
  9. TheWhir -Great article directory for web business topics.

PR5 – Best Article Directories

  1. ArticleDashboard -Another long time directory. They also sell their template for folks who want to create their own article directories.
  2. SearchWarp -This directory promotes authors in a nice way. Your picture and latest article is featured on the home page.
  3. Article Snatch – Another strong directory, but it is a “no-follow” directory.
  4. ArticleCity -Standard article directory. They’ve also added a video article section as well.
  5. IdeaMarketers -This is a popular article directory with writers because the site founder offers so many ways for writers to promote their content.
  6. Site Reference -A content site with built-in article submission.
  7. Article Alley -Another solid, standard article directory.

PR4 – Best Article Directories

  1. Submit Your Article -This site is a dual article submission service and article directory. It is the ONLY submission service that I recommend.
  2. GoArticles -Being the largest free article directory on the web is its claim to fame, although bigger is not necessarily better.
  3. Articles Factory -Basic article directory with sturdy ranking and traffic.

PR3 – Best Article Directories

  1. Amazines – This is another solid article directory, worth submitting your articles to.

UP & COMING  – Article Directories

  1. Interesting Articles – This is the first up and coming article directory I am recommending. User friendly layout and very social media friendly.

Want More Best Article Directory Tips?

Do you have any directories to add to the best article directories list? Add them in the comments section and I’ll check ‘em out!

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Lisa Angelettie

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  • Yeoman

    Hi Lisa

    The problem with Buzzle, a site you recommend, is that it doesn’t appear to offer authors any means of linking their URL within or to their articles. So I see no point in putting articles there, given that I’m not a freelance touting for writing work but want merely to promote my site. Or have I misunderstood something?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Yeoman
      You can absolutely add a link in your articles in Buzzle or I wouldn’t bother:) I’ve copied the guidelines right from the site just to show you:

      Editorial Guidelines Last Updated on Oct 19, 2008

      Maximum one external link allowed in one article. The link can be added using one of the following two methods:
      embedded within content of the article (recommended for those with HTML experience).
      using the Links feature (recommended for those who are new to HTML). The link is displayed under article and above author name.
      Resource text allowed at end of article, but articles with reprint and/or copyright information will not be accepted.
      Duplicate content not allowed.

      • John Yeoman

        Thanks, Lisa. I guess Buzzle is not too clear about that. Certainly, the Buzzle articles I checked at random did not have a URL link.

        Perhaps the big problem with Buzzle, then, is that it does not allow duplicate content. That’s also the problem at HubPages. Thousands of altruistic folk labour to put original content into HubPages, unpaid, but they can’t use that article on the web again! Madness…

        True, HubPages allows us URLs plus lavish site promotion. But, for the labour required to put up a ‘unique’ hub, the work just isn’t worth it – given the trivial volume of direct response.

        BTW: one way around the ‘exclusivity’ requirement (I think you once hinted at this) is to post an article exclusively in, say, HubPages or Buzzle, then wait a few days for Google to index it. Then put it on one’s site. These sites don’t seem to check on exclusivity, retrospectively. At least, they don’t on mine :)

      • Scop

        There are also many articles site but any a few that are not farms.

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  • Anonymous

    I am a publisher looking for articles and I try to avoid EzineArticles as much as possible. I think EzineArticles is very overrated and that they should be ashamed that they don’t offer better support to publishers. The tools they offer to publishers are so bad so they are not worth using. And it is very hard to find good articles because of all very short (very much to short articles) and often very crappy articles (look more like sales letters). But some of the others in your list are quite good. Submit Your Article for example.

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  • Moritz Mayer

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  • Lisa Angelettie

    Thanks for this suggestion. I’m sure readers will take a look.

  • Lisa Angelettie

    Thanks for this suggestion. I’m sure readers will take a look.

  • Lisa Angelettie

    Thanks for this suggestion. I’m sure readers will take a look.

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  • Oma Lessard

    Good post! I have a random question for you. How do you get your blog indexed by bing? I have a related web blog.

    • Lisa Angelettie

      Your site will be indexed by Bing just like it is by all the other search engines. Either manually submit your site to Bing or let Bing naturally find you by obtaining some backlinks to your blog.

  • kevin

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  • Matt Boin

    Taken from editorial guidelines as of May 21, 2011

    External Link
    Link to any external website is not allowed.

    Important: Article will not get published if it contains any active external link (linked using HTML) or inactive external link (non-linked URL of a website).

    Email addresses are not allowed in articles.

  • Jim

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  • kireiel

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  • Hando

    Good list of article directories. I have used quite a few of them already and also found some new ones here. I like when the list is with clickable links, makes checking them out so much easier :)

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  • Robert David Fraser

    Very good article about article directories lol.

    • Lisa Angelettie

      Thanks so much Robert!

  • Blaine

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    • Lisa Angelettie

      Your welcome Blaine. Thanks for stopping by!

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  • tammy

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  • Wesley


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    • Lisa Angelettie

      Thanks Wesley:)

  • Blake

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  • kirshna

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