Article Distribution: Go Where Ezine Publishers Grab Articles

article distributionWhat’s the key to masterful article distribution?

It’s actually pretty simple. If you want your articles distributed all over the web to achieve maximum visibility for your brand, you don’t need to publish your articles to a 1000 article directories. Don’t be fooled by silly claims made by article distribution software creators. They just want you to buy their software (which typically is kind of janky anyway:)

Honestly, what the only thing that you should be concerned about is publishing your articles where REAL ezine publishers go to find good content for their newsletters. That list is a LOT shorter than that random article directory list of a zillion directories that you probably have or at least heard of.

So how do you know and how can you be sure that an article directory is actually masterful at article distribution? There are a few guidelines you can follow…

Article Distribution Guideline #1

It’s pretty safe to go with my choice of best article directories. These powerhouse directories have both the traffic statistics and active communities to support credible ezine publishers. I know off hand about 5 associates who use EzineArticles and IdeaMarketers as sources of content for their ezines.

Article Distribution Guideline #2

Are you subscribed to your competitor’s newsletters? Do you know of other people in your niche who use third party content or guest articles in their newsletter? Pay attention. I’m sure you have one in your inbox right now. Take a look at the resource box for that article and see if they include the article’s “source” link – in other words where the article originated. Publish to that directory. Your competitors do and you know for sure that publishers take content from that site.

Article Distribution Guideline #3

Write content that publishers will want to republish and distribute to their lists. That’s it. It’s not just enough to be at all the happening directories. People have to find your content engaging, informative, or entertaining to pick it among the thousands of articles on a directory. If you are starting to build credibility in your marketplace, then folks will be more likely to use your content. They want to be associated to you – so they may feature your article as a guest author in their ezine. BUT most of us haven’t built that type of following, so it’s important to write special content as often as you can. Be interesting. Be memorable. Be a teacher. Be a thoughtful and insightful reader. Be YOU!

Do these three things and you will find that effective article distribution has alluded you no more – Happy publishing!


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