Article Ideas For June

It’s getting hot outside (depending on where you live), and I bet you rather hang out by the pool than struggle with coming up with article ideas — right? Well if you need a few article suggestions for June, I think I have a few to get you moving in the right direction. These are all article ideas based on holidays or observations associated with the month of June:

Dairy Month

You could essentially write about anything dairy related such as cheeses around the world, organic milk, probiotic yogurt, etc.

Great Outdoors Month

This is a great one because you could write about any thing that you like to do, that your business supports or promotes, etc. outdoors. For instance, about the only thing that I LOVE to do outdoors is gardening. I’ve gotten the bug since I’ve moved into my big ‘ole colonial home, and I am positive that I could find a way to tie gardening into writing or one of my other niches that I write in. Tie-ins are actually very easy if you don’t over think them.

Finally your business may be an outdoor one such as selling camping products, pool accessories, or bicycles. So write all about those activities and run a promotion during the month of June.

National Adopt-A-Cat Month

Obviously, you can write all about the benefits of adopting kittens and cats. Pet adoption is great for families, the elderly, and those suffering from depression.

National Drive Safe Month

Driving safety is a HOT topic right now. Especially with the increase of accidents involving people who are texting while driving or are using their cellphones. You can write plenty of articles with driving safety tips, etc.

National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month

It use to be quite popular years ago, but now it’s coming back. City and suburbanites alike are planting apple trees, pear trees, peach trees, blueberry bushes, and building vegetable gardens in even the smallest of backyards. You can write hundreds of tip articles, how-to articles, as well as articles on the benefits of consuming fresh fruit and vegetables.

National Iced Tea Month

Hey, I love a good ‘ole southern sweet tea. What about sun tea? How about all the new flavored iced teas now? Peach. Green Tea. Raspberry. Can you share some recipes in your articles?

National Rose Month

Roses are the official flower for June, and of course I love them because I have a June birthday:) So I would love to see plenty of articles on the best roses to plant depending on where you live (hardiness zones), how to care for roses, de-bug roses, winterize rose bushes, etc.

National Safety Month

You can’t quote me on this, but I was listening to a news program that said that most bodily injuries and accidents happen in the home. So isn’t that the perfect stat for writing dozens of articles on safety in the home: bathtubs, showers, electrical repairs, gardening, roofing, cooking, etc. Not to mention that you could write articles about safety in relation to your business.

National Tennis Month

This is the season for tennis, and it’s a great sport for children and for adults to stay in shape. You can write about tennis fashion, tennis racquets, tennis lessons, tennis camps, national tennis programs, tennis injuries and more.

Potty Training Awareness Month

Who knew that there was a potty training awareness month? But you know what, maybe there should be, because potty training is tough! I have 3 kids and it was no walk in the park. So let’s give it up to all the moms and dads out there struggling with potty training. Especially when you want to get your child into a preschool and they request that your child already be potty trained! That’s why a lot of great tips articles on potty training would benefit parents. This is also a great topic to monetize as there are a ton of potty training videos, potties, potty training books, etc. available via Amazon or Clickbank.

Turkey Lovers Month

Many families have turned away from cooking red meat such as ground beef and pork and use turkey instead (which is leaner) in their favorite recipes. This is a great opportunity for recipe articles, types of turkey cuts, etc. Or you could go in another direction and write about the raising or farming of turkeys. Books or poems featuring turkeys. Thanksgiving and turkeys.

Zoo and Aquarium Month

Write about new animals or exhibits at your local zoo. Write about ways you can rent or use the zoo in your area for other than visiting. For example, I once went to a wedding hosted in the gardens of a zoo. It was beautiful and a bit off season, so there was no smell:) Aquariums is a great affiliate topic. People who own fish and aquariums spend a lot of money on tanks, filters, fish, fish food, and other accessories associated with the keeping of aquariums.

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