Article Linking Contest – Win a $624 Prize!

Happy Birthday To Me! It’s my birthday today. A big one! I’m 40 and fabulous. And while I have been celebrating all weekend, I wanted to celebrate with all my fellow writers too! That’s why I’m holding this big birthday article linking contest. The best part is that you get the prize!

The Prize:
I will be awarding 3 lucky people a prize worth $624! What is it?

1-Year Membership Into Articology – Article Marketing Training Program
This is my 52-week complete and comprehensive article marketing training program. Each week members receive an easy to digest article marketing lesson with an optional homework assignment to help learn the material even quicker. This membership costs my current members $27 a month but will be completely free for winners!

1 Hour Article Marketing Consultation With Me
I have several coaching clients that pay me generously to work with them on an individual basis, growing their online businesses and fine tuning their article writing and infoproduct production. This coaching session is worth $300 bucks!

These are the rules:

1. Cruise my site for your favorite articles. Link to your favorite articles from your main blog, remote blogs, Squidoo lenses, Facebook page, or HubPage.

2. Come back to this post and let me know in the comments section where I can find your links (I will be checking each and every one.)

3. Each time you link to an article on this site will be considered 1 entry into the contest.

4. If you link to the articles using anchor text such as “article marketing” or “article marketing tips” or “article marketing expert” – I will give you 1 extra entry for that link.

5. If you twitter about the article using “article marketing” in the tweet, it will count as an additional (1) entry. Make sure to leave me your Twitter nickname in the comments section so that I can check your posts.

6. Winning is simple. If you link to an article, using anchor text, and then tweet about it – that is 3 entries into the contest. The more your link, the more entries you will have into the contest. The contest closes midnight EST July 15th.

The 3 people with the most entries into the contest wins.

One More Time…

1. Link to articles on
2. Detail in the comments section where I can find your links / tweets
3. Come back here on July 15th where I will announce the 3 BIG winners


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