Article Marketing: Have You Updated Your Old Articles Lately?

I love article marketing. I write a lot of articles. I write one and move onto the next one. Sometimes I forget to check on some of the old articles, and that’s a really BAD idea. Want to know why?

1. First, the fantastic advantage to article marketing is that you continuously get traffic to your content as long as that article is alive and well on the web. So that means people will find and read articles that you have written years ago but expect them to be current, relevant, and if needed – updated. So…

2. Are your links updated? I have been guilty of this in my article marketing, in fact just recently, I discovered an outdated link. Many times I may recommend a resource in an article that was working at the time, only to find out weeks, months, or years later that the link is no longer valid. This goes for those shortened links too (tinyurl, bi.tly). Some of my tinyurl links no longer work. While they say that these links never expire — I wonder:) So use shortened links with caution, and check on them periodically.

3. Is your article marketing evergreen? Do you write timely stuff such as on current events. etc? Or do you use evergreen article marketing? Ones that can stand the test of time and do not depend on a specific time such as a holiday (Christmas) or a news event (presidential election). If you do NOT write evergreen content, it would be best to make sure that your articles are still relevant. If they are out-of-date or inaccurate, do NOT delete them, because they are already ranking in the search engines. What you can and should do is add an “update” to the top or bottom of your articles. Readers will appreciate this a great deal, plus it’s just good article marketing etiquette.

4. Have you monetized your articles? You may find that when you first write your content, that it was simply as it was intended to be – a source of information for your readers. Later you may find that as you grow your business that you have created a product, service, or know of an affiliate product that would compliment the subject matter of your old content and it would be a good idea to reference it or link to it in your articles.

So you get what I”m saying right? While I obviously encourage those involved in article marketing to write fresh content as often as you can, it is also just as important to update that content you already have published when needed in order to get the most benefit from all of your wonderful content!


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