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Article Ideas: Writing Christmas Articles That Sell!

by Lisa Angelettie

in Article Marketing, Article Writing Tips, Writing Productivity

Christmas Article Ideas

This is it. We’ve entered crunch time. Christmas is around the corner and you haven’t written anything holiday related for your business yet have you? Well, don’t worry — the search engine spiders are fast and can find your articles quickly as long as you write AND do the right thing.

1. Make sure you write Christmas articles that have a voice or a purpose. A general “Happy Holidays” article is not really what you are aiming for at this point. If you want to folks to buy your products or your services as gifts for others, then you have to make a compelling argument as to why they should.

- Are you running a sale? 40, 50, 60% off?

- Are you closing out the year’s inventory?

- Will you give them a gift when they click the link at the end of your article?

2. Don’t be skimpy on the information in your Christmas articles. Really give the reader something of great value. Something to make them excited to take a further step with you.

3. Publish the article(s) at a high-traffic location ( so that the hungry holiday shoppers can find it and read it in time to make a decision before Christmas.

4. Publish the article(s) on your WordPress blog or on someone else’s blog. Another way to get published and in front of eyes quickly.

5. Package & publish your articles into a special holiday edition of your newsletter. Cesar Milan (Dog Whisperer) sent one out this season that I loved. It was filled with info-packed articles, fun photos, and holiday buying suggestions.

5. Promote your Christmas articles via social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. so that you get real-time traffic to your articles.

6. Add a little holiday artwork and spice up your articles. This is the time to get festive. The key to writing Christmas articles that sell is to take Christmas article ideas and make them pop with something humorous, nostalgic, or appropriate product pics.

Christmas article ideas

Happy Holidays!

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