Article Marketing Research: Food & Drinks Hot Topics

The key to effective article marketing research is very simple. It’s to find out what the most “pressing” questions are from the prospects in your niche and simply answer them. What is their point of pain? What are they stuck on?

There are several ways to achieve this.

You could create something called an “ask campaign” which is simply a campaign asking people on your list or site visitors what their most important question is about (your niche). That is how you will know the types of information that people in your marketplace are looking for.

Some people like to ask people who have just subscribed to their newsletters/ezines what their biggest question is.

Others may use social media outlets, forums, membership sites etc. to get an idea on what kinds of issues their prospects may have.

But what if you don’t have a list? or What if you don’t have time to visit every forum in your niche?

In today’s article, and for several more afterwards, I’m going to give you an advantage over your competitors and reveal to you the kinds of questions the people in your niche are already looking for answers to all over the web. These most popular questions have come directly from several of the most powerful search engines on the web – they are the questions that “real” people are searching for.

Today’s Niche: Food and Drinks – Top 13 Questions

Food and Drinks Questions

  1. How long to bake chicken?
  2. How do you make baked stuffed pork chops?
  3. How to make peking duck?
  4. Can dogs eat vegetables?
  5. What restaurants are open on christmas day?
  6. Can tea be prepared in the senseo coffee machine?
  7. How does dry store work?
  8. Do you like velveeta cheese?
  9. How pepper spray works?
  10. Are egg products pasteurized?
  11. How to make hot chocolate mix from pure cocoa?
  12. How materials melt and freeze?
  13. How to make cold cucumber soup?

If you are in the food and drink market, then now you already you have 13 great article ideas you can act on. Write an article series on different recipes for baking chicken. Write an article series on ways you can prepare vegetables for dogs.

You also know when you write these articles, that these are the types of answers your market is looking for. All you have to do is keep informing your prospects and of course find a way to eventually tie in your product or service.

Next article marketing research hot topic (Part 2) – Fitness and Nutrition.

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