Article Marketing Research: Fitness & Nutrition Hot Topics

In today’s article marketing research article, I am going to give you several of the most popular questions that “real” people are asking across the web about the hot topic – Fitness and Nutrition.

With these questions, you will be able to create and craft articles, article sets or series, and even ebooks. Remember that these are some of the “hot spots” of the people in your marketplace, so any content you write surrounding these topics will bring you steady traffic.

Here are the top 17 hot topic questions in the fitness and nutrition niche.

Article Marketing Research Niche – Fitness and Nutrition

Fitness and Nutrition Questions

  1. Why choose whole grain foods?
  2. Why estimate your caloric needs?
  3. How to use volumetrics recipes?
  4. Do vegans need to worry more about nutrient deficiencies than meat eaters?
  5. How should nutripals balanced nutrition snacks be used?
  6. How to choose the right wedding dress for your body shape?
  7. Are carbohydrates really as bad as dr atkins said?
  8. How many calories do you lose doing 1 hour of gymnastics?
  9. Are you frustrated with slow weight loss?
  10. How was the jenny craig program developed?
  11. Can negative ions clothing products help shape the body of fat people?
  12. What is the best combination of weight training and aerobic exercise for weight loss?
  13. Is your pregnancy exercise safe for baby?
  14. Which foods contain vitamin c?
  15. What counts as 1 cup in the milk group?
  16. What is partially hydrogenated oil?
  17. What is recommended nutrient intakes?

As you can see from these most popular questions, most readers in the fitness and nutrition niche are concerned about weight control. So any content you write addressing the questions listed above as well as any others surrounding or laterally related to weight loss would be a very good idea.

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