Article Marketing Tips For Coaches

I am so excited and proud to announce that I have been invited to become the article marketing expert over at Wendy Y Bailey’s Group Mastery Community. (Check Me Out!)

If you haven’t heard about this great community, it’s all about teaching coaches, speakers, trainers, and workshop leaders how to be masterful group coaches. I mean let’s face it coaches, sometimes group coaching ain’t easy!

There is the part of learning how to effectively coach a group of people vs. one-on-one, and then there is the other side of having to market our coaching practices to keep the groups filled and productive.

WendyY is an expert on this two-fold process and her community is rich with information and support. So not only will I be assisting community members with their article marketing — but I will participate as a member as well!

Learn more about how to gain access to all the experts and resources over at the Group Mastery Community, and feel free to say hi to me when you come by!



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