Article Spinning Software Finally Evolves!

Article Spinning Software Finally Evolves!

As someone that teaches entrepreneurs how to write and publish their own compelling content, I have to make it mybest spinner business to try every service and software product on the market, and during my quest I have never found a great article spinning software.

At the end of the day, they ALL produced articles that sounded unnatural, and that ruined my marketing message and my professional image. OR the rewriting process literally took me over an hour to complete and in the same time I could have rewritten the article myself. I never want unintelligible junk on the web with my name attached and I don’t want my virtual assistant or myself to spend hours out of our day trying to spin and submit one stinking article. Not smart.

So imagine my surprise when a nice guy named Aaron pleasantly contacted me from Spin Rewriter to let me know about his new article spinning software. Okay, so in the back of my mind, I totally believed that this software would just be another one of those programs or services that I would never use — but I was wrong.

There is a detailed list of benefits that makes this software phenomenal which I will list in a minute, but the bottom line if you are a bottom line type of person is that this software does what ALL the others can’t.

1. It will take your article and create many unique versions that are grammatically correct and still sound like you wrote them.

2. You will have dozens or even hundreds of articles for submission to directories, blog networks, 3rd party sites, etc. that you can comfortably submit knowing that they won’t get kicked back for duplicate content issues or grammatical & sentence structure problems.

3. You can do all of this literally with ONE click. I spun one of my articles into hundreds of highly unique (89%) articles in less than five minutes. Seriously

Why You Should Use Spin Rewriter Article Spinner(according to them):

article spinning software

Great benefits right? But again if I’m going to bottom line it here, being able to create hundreds of unique pages across the web will:

1. Create more backlinks to your site

2. Makes your site more important to search engine eyes

3. Then Google will rank your site higher in the search engine results

4. Which means you get more traffic

5. Which means you’ll build a bigger list and generate more income

Is that motivation enough? It was for me:) FINALLY — I’m all in!
Here’s the link: ==> Spin Rewriter


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    Hi Lisa. I got your newsletter about this and went to check it out. Having used another spinner that claimed to be able to do a one-click rewrite only to find out that it didn’t work at all or resulted in gibberish, I was pleased to find one that works. Thanks, Lisa. I subscribed today.

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      Hi Debbie. So glad you were able to take a look. I know that the internet world is a bit jaded, but I really only promote products/services sparingly and ones that truly WORK. So have fun with it!

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    Hi Lisa,

    I agree, it took some time until the available article spinning software products evolved to an usable level. Thanks for the comprehensive review of the Spin Rewriter. I still waver between the Spin Rewriter and The Best Article Spinner and would appreciate to have your take on The Best Spinner, compared to the Spin Rewriter.

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    Hi Lisa. I get all your emails and love your information. The last one I received was about the Spin Rewriter software titled “Is Article Spinning Dead”. I believe that it isn’t, but is going to get a run for it’s money with “content curation”. I’ve used many spinners with “The Best Spinner” being the best, but gave up on them. I watched all the tutorials on Spin Rewriter, and probably would’ve had alot more luck with that. The understanding of words and their context is awesome, but I’m out of the spinning days. I’ve moved onto content curation, mixed with all original content, and the results have never been better. I just want to encourage people that may want to give up on internet marketing not to do so. After 3 years I took a new approach starting Jan 1st 2012 with a new blog, and now am on track for 10,000 uniques this month with 30,000 pageviews. If I find an interesting article I’ll reference it, add my own commentary or point of view, provide related relevant outbound articles, and videos, etc. The point being, no matter what anybody tries, they shouldn’t get discouraged if something doesn’t work. So if readers haven’t tried Spin Rewriter they should, see how they like it, then make an “INFORMED” decision.

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