Article Writing 2011 – Stop Writing So Old School!

Article Writing 2011 – Are You Ready For The Revolution?

Are you ready to stop writing with an old school agenda and move forward?

I recently wrote and published an article on this site about my article marketing income breakdown and whew! I got a lot of emails from you all with excited comments and questions about how you want to create your own varied sources of income online. And that was really the point of that article.

Article WritingI wanted you all to understand that online article writing is not just a one dimensional activity. The goal is to transform that one article into many versions of information and many sources of income. This is not necessarily a new thing that business owners do online — but it is one that I bet you’re not taking full advantage of or at all. Let me ask you some tough questions that I asked some of the folks who wrote in the other day…

How many articles have you written this year?
None. Two or Three. How do you expect anyone to find you in the sea of millions of websites on the internet?

How much new traffic did they bring you?
None, because you didn’t write much. Or maybe you have no clue. Can you say CHECK YOUR STATISTICS?

How many new subscribers signed up with you?
Not hardly enough. This is all due to the fact that you aren’t driving enough traffic to your site. You don’t have any content out there doing the job for you.

How many podcast or audio articles have you recorded?
None – I can’t even get ones written Lisa! Well, you’re missing out because you can take the same articles you’ve written and turn them into audio articles. Put ’em on iTunes and bamm – instant podcast.

How many video or video articles have you recorded?
One or two. Video is hot! Again, you can produce even more using the same articles that you should have written.

How many free reports have you created this year?
I couldn’t get myself together to pull it all together. Really? If you had 5-7 articles written you could have. Video is hot, so it’s important you take advantage of it.

How many ebooks, ecourses, or other information products have you created this year?
It was one of my plans but time got away from me this year. Publishing your own original content this year will be crucial to your credibility and your success. Ebooks are no longer for amateurs. Best selling authors like Stephen King are focusing on ebook publication now.

How many ebooks, ecourses, or other information products have you BOUGHT this year? Is it the same as the books you’ve created? Is it double the amount? Triple?
No, I buy a lot of information products online. There is just so much information out there. You have to be careful not to slip into the bright and shiny new product matrix! Focus on creation, not consumption.

I see this all the time. People keep investing their hard earned money into product after product, looking for THE solution to their online business — and not really creating creating the types of information necessary to get the message out about their great business (article marketing).

Also I see that people are not creating the types of products (ePublishing) that could create a nice passive income stream for their business. Heck in my income breakdown, you will see that ebook sales (my own books) was my second highest income generator for 2010. So what do you think I’m going to do in 2011? More of the same!

Article Writing in 2011 is going to be about more than simply writing any old thing and submitting it to every directory you can find. That is so old school! It’s going to be about designing content to support your business and branding platform, your message, and what you can teach or show people.

Look for me to help you jump start your New School article writing at the top of the year, and if you don’t mind, I’d love it if you’d share your answers to the questions I asked above about your 2010 article writing in the comment section below.


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    Article Marketing has been my way to promote my Information Products so more people would knew about it and more affiliate will promote it the people. But, mostly, I write articles to promote my affiliate products. I submit them to ezinearticles cause it’s been my favorite article directory.


  2. says

    Some great advice Lisa – you are one of the few (very few) online coaches and info providers I like and respect – and the only female…so far.

    There are lots and lots of different ways to generate income, and I know it will take some time to get my head around all of them. One by one I’ll get there, if I just keep ticking the right boxes, and I believe it’s possible to make money online. I feel a slogan coming on: ‘You gotta do the time if you want to earn a dime’.

    I liked your question about how much have you SPENT on other people’s products? – I think I must be the stingiest person researching online marketing – it takes a lot before I will part with one cent of my own cash – I always think ‘if I purchase this product, how long will it take me before I’ll be able to get my balance sheet back to even Zero?’ that seems to keep my consumption wonderfully under control!

    So far, I’ve only weakened once – not too expensive, and for some really good value content and associated links and contacts – a really good investment and therefore worth every penny.

    Thanks for providing clear, no-hype advice and information that is relevant to your readers – it’s appreciated. Love your work!


    • says

      Hi Carol,
      Thanks so much for you feedback. It is a turtle’s race but so rewarding once you start to make some headway. Keep at it. Keep writing consistently and I assure you that will will see results. Think of the products, books or programs you spend money on as investments in your career. All successful business people invest in themselves and sometimes the balance sheet is not evened out with tangibles like $$. Sometimes it’s clarity or growth that you see as a result of your investment which in time will result in the monetary results you are looking for.
      Thx again for stopping by!


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