Bristol Palin Article Ideas

Bristol Palin Article Ideas

Bristol Palin Article IdeasI can’t believe that I am writing this, but Bristol Palin is a hot topic on the internet. Of course my writing this article is only adding to her steadily increased traffic views – which I can live with – just as long as all of my article marketing buddies can capitalize on the soaring search trends as well. So here you go…

Search terms such as “Bristol Palin“, “Bristol Palin Dancing“, “Bristol Palin DTWS“, have had a significant growth in traffic this past month and folks are probably going to continue to talk about them for awhile — so writing articles and getting them published on high traffic sites and article directories would probably be a smart idea. The sooner the better.

Bonus Keyword Alert! One term that is well searched for over the last month but has way less page competition than the other search terms, therefore should be pretty easy to rank for, is “Bristol Palin Levi“. So this is of course first come first serve. Whoever reads this article and acts on it first will probably reap the SEO benefits.

At the time of this writing, Bristol Palin is still competing on the hit reality show Dancing With The Stars and is in the finals. Hoards of both conservative and liberal bloggers as well as print journalists are writing all about the details and ramifications of Bristol Palin supporters voting for her by the thousands (or maybe millions – I’m not sure) to keep her alive and dancing on the show. There is big controversy on both sides. Somewhat like last season’s controversy when Kate Gosselin (Jon and Kate Plus 8) appeared on the show.

While everyone is putting their two cents into writing on that topic (her surprising wins each week on the show), this is your chance to write articles that can capitalize on that high interest yet can stand the test of time beyond the end of this season of Dancing With The Stars. As always our goal is to give our articles longevity, although I strongly urge you to capitalize on hot topic traffic as well, when it’s possible.

Bristol Palin Article Idea #1

Write about what so many critics asked Kate Gosselin last year. Who is watching her baby when she is practicing all day for the show and is this what she should be doing as a new teen mom?

Bristol Palin Article Idea #2

How does this appearance give Bristol or her mother any political leverage? Did she do this for publicity for her mom? Was this all a grand master plan? Or just great timing?

Bristol Palin Article Idea #3

Write about the “new fame” in our world today. Young people like Bristol Palin, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton are all famous celebrities for doing much of nothing but just being “infamous”.

Bristol Palin Article Idea #4

Write about teen moms and the advantages or disadvantages of being a teen mom in today’s world vs. 10, 20 or 30 years ago. Use her as a reference in the article.

Bristol Palin Article Idea #5

Write about the children of famous people. The pros and cons. How tough it must be to mature as well as make mistakes in the public eye. Bristol Palin is on the show and getting all this attention because she is the daughter of a famous person (her mom Sarah Palin). Use her as a reference in the article.

Bristol Palin Article Idea #6

Write about the children of high profile political figures.

Bristol Palin Article Idea #7

If you want to try and capitalize on the bonus keyword term, you could write something along the lines of “Where Is Levi?”. We haven’t heard too much from him during Bristol’s stint on Dancing With The Stars. Is he spending time with his son while she is on set or is he out somewhere trying to capitalize on his fleeting fame?

Bristol Palin Article Idea #8

Another Levi angle could be that right before Bristol Palin started with the show, they gave an interview saying that they were back together and then they broke up again just as quickly. You could write an article questioning whether her appearance on the show was a show of confidence and independence from Levi? Hey – she’s a teenager, that could very well be what went on:)

Have any more ideas? Let us know. Also, if you write any cool new Bristol Palin articles, please come back and link to them in the comment section below. I’d love to read them!


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