Can I Submit Same Articles To EzineArticles & Blog?

Can I Submit The Same Articles To EzineArticles & Blog?

I guarantee you that someone asks me this question every week, no matter how many articles I write about it. So I thought I’d feature it as one of my frequently asked questions this week. Plus, it sort of ties in with my whole Google theme this week.

Q: Lisa, one of the problems I am having is that I want to use EzineArticles to promote my articles as well as my own website. Can I use the same articles that I write for EzineArticles on my website?

A: I am a big believer in repurposing articles – so my answer is yes – but with a few caveats. First of all, I need to know where you are in your business. If you are just starting out, then I definitely recommend getting some momentum going by publishing articles to EzineArticles as well as your blog.

Don’t worry about duplicate content, etc. right now. EzineArticle’s WordPress plugin will help carry this out even faster. After you’ve published the article to your site, you can publish it as is to EzineARticles throught the plugin OR you can make a few changes tot he article and then publish it to EzineArticles via the plugin.

If you are in the middle of your business, meaning that you are generating some income and have been building a list for a while, then your site/blog has probably gained some traction on the web. You are appearing in the search engines, but now it’s time to really take your optimization a little more seriously. Duplicate content starts to matter to the established webpreneur.

Now when you submit your blog articles to EzineArticles or vice-versa you need to make sure that you change the article enough that it looks like a different article to Google. This is actually much more important now than it use to be due to Google’s latest algorithm update. Sites like EzineArticles took a hit because too many websites had identical articles to the ones on their site.

Ways to make sure your articles are different are to rewrite them (which I do) or use article spinning software. An article submission service that also offers a high quality article spinning service is SubmitYourArticle.

Bonus Tip!
Also, writing unique articles will be easy for EzineArticles and your blog because you should be using links to related resources/content in your blog articles. On the other hand, you cannot add links to your EzineArticles articles (or at least only one in the body of the article) the other links are only allowed in your resource box. Having an article with no links vs. one with links helps create two distinct articles that the search engines will view as different and unique.




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    It’s hard to change a good article enough to make the search engines see it as different and at the same time conserve the quality of the article. Nevertheless, it’s good to know more about the duplicate-content question. Thanks!

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    Hi Doug. That’s why I recommend rewriting the article. Same points, even many of the same sentences, but the reality is – is that practically no one will write the same exact article twice when writing the article themselves. As long as each sentence, paragraph, etc. isn’t identical – Google will view it as a unique article.

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    I see you include spinning software in your post. I have tried a number of them, normally 20 spins to test, usually with these results:
    1. 20 garbage articles, which are neither good English or of any value. You then gave to go through making them all quality articles. Time saving? hmm.
    2. 20 garbled articles which you can go ahead and publish!
    – What does this say about you?
    – Would you track back to the writer?

    I always write an article, or rewrite it sentence by sentance.
    I don’t get as many, but the quality and therefore, value to your customers and your business is massively better.

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    Hi Alan,
    The reality of the web is that there are some people that are going to use spinning software no matter how much I advise them not to. Plus, if they use a good one like the one over at – they will not really be “spinning” articles but they will be creating several versions of high-quality rewritten articles. It takes longer than typical spinning software – but worth the effort.

    I’m glad you rewrite. It is truly the #1 way to assure that you are creating totally unique and high quality content.

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    thanks for your insightful post.. this is the one i am searching and your post answered almost all my questions.. heading over to Ezinearticles…

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    Thank you so much pretty lady Lisa for writing this article! You more than answered my question you gave me some additional insight as to how to do it properly!

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    Wanted to ask you this newbie question.. Hopefully you can help me with my question.. Can we post our own article published in Ezine to our own blog…:)

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    In reply to the fellow who commented about the quality of spinned articles, I can say from experience that the system used by UniqueArticleWizard (UAW) works quite well. Similar to your point Lisa, the articles resulting from UAW are more like rewritten articles than spun articles. However, you need to spend the time required to input good quality articles and revisions.

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    Thank you for putting this the way that you did…. I understand your point, in the beginning you want as much content to be added as quickly as possible – but once you are established, you want quality only …..This leads me to another question, what happens with all of those who take free articles and re-post, re-post etc…. how do those articles come into the equation? The same article re-posted 100 times, that can’t be good – Google simply doesn’t give you credit for it? or if it fits your “theme” do you get credit? Thanks again for your very informative article and I’ll be watching to see if you spin this article and print it again elsewhere! (lol)

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