Celebrate Your Entrepreneurial Independence!

In the U.S. we are all probably getting together with friends or family to throw some burgers on the bbq and celebrate our country’s independence as a country standing under it’s own rule/laws/government etc. with no help from mama England. Okay – cool.

(Although I still say Masterpiece Theatre is the best thing on televison! Thanks England:)

But for the last few years, this holiday has had a bigger meaning for me personally, and maybe for you too… 

1. Entrepreneurial Independence

You get to call the shots and create your own income, hours, lifestyle, and hire your own employees. 

2. Financial Independence

Finally, you are creating your own income streams without having to punch a clock or being stuck at a certain salary level. You decide how much money you make on any given day based on your marketing efforts – not how many degrees you have or if the “big boss” likes you.

3. Creative Independence

You get to get up every morning and to something you love to do. I know I do. And you should too. If you do not love your online business, something is very wrong. Either figure it out and fix it or get out! I love the fact that I have such creative independence. I can write about whatever I want to write about and get paid for it! 

So there it is – independence can be celebrated at every level today – and while I’m chomping on my 4th of July lunch I will quietly celebrate the fact that I am celebrating independence on many levels today that make me a much happier person then I ever dreamed.

(If you aren’t feeling that “independent” in your business, you must not be writing enough articles! Check out Articology and kick your article marketing into high gear!)

Have a great Independence Day folks!

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