Declutter Your Home Office Workspace

I think that work at home moms may have a dirty little secret — a lot of us have messy home offices! Well, at least I do. And I’m finally admitting it — and more importantly, doing something about it! I am in the process of getting rid of all of my home office clutter, and making room for new supplies, new ideas, new energy.

It is so true that your home and work space are reflective of what’s going on with you. And I have been very “all over the place” with the direction of my business for a long time. And it showed. Now that I have gained a lot more clarity on my brand, what products and services I intend to offer, and how I intend to deliver those goods — I am clearing out all the other clutter.

Home office clutter may include papers, books, your kids toys etc. BUT it can also include old ideas written on sticky notes and outdated mind maps.

Hey, there’s a whole slew of experts out there who specialize in this stuff right? So all of you closet messy desk-preneurs…let’s get out there and clean the clutter and watch our productivity multiply.

Quick Tips:

1. Start filing everything. Receipts. Invoices. Ideas on scrap pieces of paper. I use file folders in three different colors. Yellow for creative files. Red for sales related files. Manilla for bills, receipts, etc.

2. Use sticky notes. You can quickly write ideas or to-do lists on sticky notes and put them away from your deskspace on the wall. I wrote about how to create a detailed infoproduct outline using post-its™ in a past issue of my weekly marketing ezine. I just love ’em!

3. Honor the space. Although we work at home, we have to honor the fact that it is our work space and we are generating income in this space. Respect your home office, as you would respect any office setting. Let it be reflective of the six-figure success you will soon become!

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