Do You Write About What You Love?

Do you love your business enough to write about it? Are you passionate about what you do inside and outside of your business? Of course I know people who have business because they want to make money and then I know people who have business because they are passionate about what they do AND wouldn’t mind making money from it too!

I find that a lot of people can get really stuck in writing articles, blog posts, small reports, infoproducts, etc because they really don’t love what they are writing about.

Hey if I had to write a book about high school algebra, it would take me literally a lifetime to do it. I would find every excuse in the book not to do it. Or if I committed to writing one – it probably would read like pure garbage!

So just a thought…if you haven’t written anything about or inside of your business for a few months now — you may need to re-evaluate your love and your passion for what you do.

Any thoughts? I’d love for you to let me know if you think loving what you do is essential in succeeding in your business or at the very least writing about it. Leave your comments below.

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