EzineArticles.com Goodies: A Great Marketing Lesson

I was a featured expert author article marketing case study on EzineArticles.com and it was an amazing experience. I was able to chat with so many people who were “thinking” about writing articles or who were just getting started writing and appreciated the few words I had to say about what it has done for my business and how I get past those tough moments when I don’t feel like writing about anything!

But I digress, the point of this post is to tell you about my goodie box and inadvertently — the great marketing lesson I learned!

Now I love mail. I always have. I use to read the classifieds and would order the 1000 return address labels, just so I could get mail! I would beg my mom to order the mail order seahorses. It’s amazing that I got anything, because I would always send cash, because I was like 9 years old! So when I got my big ‘ole box today (a complete surprise:), I said “Yippee!” That’s right folks, I love getting goodies!

Now let me explain what marketing lessons I learned from receiving this EzineArticles goodie box:

1. The box was unexpected. I wasn’t anticipating any sort of compensation for being a case study on the website. An unexpected smile:)

2. The box arrived with a hand-written thank you note inside. A wonderful personal touch that I will always remember.

3. The box was full of great goodies all with the EzineArticles logo. Things I will actually use, and items that will remind me “Write your next article, Lisa!”

4. The message behind the goodies was definitely thank you, but also “please keep submitting articles to our site”. That was a message I received loud and clear and one I will act on and promote to my community.

5. This goodie box made a great case for getting your branding right. I’m still working on it, but I’m much more motivated. When you have a strong message, a good-looking logo, and a consistent branding message — I guess you can be brave enough to create lots of goodies with your logo on it!

6. I’m no different then anyone else. I love free stuff, and so will others. You can give your branded goodies away in contests, as a thank-you, or some other creative way. Done right – it will make you and your company… memorable:)

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