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There is a reason why I strongly recommend that article marketers should use EzineArticles.com as their primary article directory. Especially if you are new to article marketing. The reason why is that the team over there continually adds new features that tremendously benefits authors. The latest feature which they have introduced in beta is the Member Stats feature.

Ezinearticles has been providing authors with member stats for quite a while now, but they were distributing the information separately. Some of the info came via email. Some was in your author admin backend. What they have done now is combined all that information in one place which you can find in your admin backend and added some nice visuals (graphs etc.) that make it much easier to understand what your statistics are and what they mean.

Things You Will Discover In The Member Stats Area Include:

1. Number of article view per month

2. List of 5 most viewed articles

3. Keyword stats for those most viewed articles

4. Author stats which include how many people viewed your author bio/profile per month

5. How many people clicked on your url links

6. How many times your article was published

7. Several ways to view these stats (combined, just author stats, just article stats)

8. A link to download your articles and their stats in CSV format or the ability to print them

So What Do I Do With These Stats?

I’m glad you asked:) The reason why I thought the new member stats features was worth writing about is because knowing your article marketing statistics is vital to knowing what your next article should and will be.

These stats will help you learn what articles people in your niche read most, what keywords they used to find your articles during a Google search, and perhaps how interested those readers were in finding out more about you by clicking on your EzineArticles profile.

This is the type of information that people have paid big bucks for or that they use a website statistic program (like Google Analytics) for. Yet now you can write and publish your articles in front of a very large audience AND get this type of valuable information on those articles over at EzineArticles for FREE.

This means that you can write more content using keywords that should produce more results in the search engines. In other words, you will be that much closer to writing and publishing articles that both readers and Google loves:)

Where Can I Find This Feature?

In your author area home, look in the left hand column — it is in the third section down (account statistics). Should be the last link in that section “New Stats Overview”. Just click.

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