Have you backed up your latest articles?

I must admit that I was a little late on implementing this very necessary task, but I could no longer ignore the fact that if one thing were to go wrong and I lose everything on my computer — that every article I have written in the past six years would be POOF! gone.

Now I know that there are some marketers who feel that if they submit all their work to one main, dependable directory like ezinearticles (which I love by the way), that their work will be protected. But I am a little more paranoid than that. I think that I should have my own back up because what if that site decides to just retire. What would you do then?

Or how about those of us that like to spread our goodies around and not submit ALL our content to one place. We would have to track down our article all over the place. BLIP! That’s not going to work.

That’s why I finally decided to use one of the key features that comes with Mac’s relatively new Leopard operating system and that is the back-up feature called Time Machine. Pair it with a hard drive and you have a copy of everything on your computer, even what your desktop looked like, just like it looked last time you backed it up. I LOVE it. It makes me feel so safe.

So my point here is — if you haven’t done it yet — start backing up your articles and all of your other content. Don’t own a mac? While there are other free or  low-fee web-based storage solutions out there — I don’t trust ’em. Nothing is more secure to me than buying a zip or hard drive of your own (you can find one over on Amazon) and manually downloading and saving all your content. That way YOU have it.

If you want to back up all the articles and posts on your wordpress blog, this is a good article to walk you through the process:

*Last note: Are you a Mac lover like me? I’ve written about other mac resources that I use to build my internet marketing business over at squidoo. Enjoy!

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