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How To Add Facebook & Twitter Stream To Google+ Plus

by Lisa Angelettie

in Content Marketing, Social Marketing

Learn How To Add Facebook & Twitter Stream To Google+ Plus In 60 Seconds!

Here’s a quick Social Media Content Nugget for you to implement this week…

I’ve been a slow adopter, but I am starting to see the benefits of really using Google+ for business. First of all there are totally different users and friends that I have met on Google+ than I have on any of my other social networks. For some social butterflies – this is less than appealing.

But for REAL business owners like you and myself – this is great. A totally different group of folks are attracted to Google+ and with 40 million members and rising – let’s just say that there must be a lot of ‘em! So this week I’d love for you to spend a little time over on your Google+ page. Spruce up your profile. Add a few photos. Get into a few circles.

Now after you’ve done that, it’s time to ramp things up a bit. One of the great things about social media is that the big daddy’s in the social media market are really starting to work together.  Same goes for Google+. Or at least there are 3rd party developers out there making sure they work together:) So you can now add both your Facebook and Twitter stream to your Google+ which will only make for a more engaging stream by you.

Add Your Facebook Updates To Google+

Go to http://goo.gl/Xw38s, click “Get Google+Facebook” to install the plugin/extension and then you’ll see that next to the homepage button will appear also a facebook button.

Add Your Twitter Stream To Google+

Go to http://goo.gl/akULt and install the “Get Google+Tweet” plugin/extension the same way. Same thing will happen: next to the homepage button you’ll get another one for the twitter stream.

As you see, now there is a Twitter and Facebook button added to your homepage that you can click to read those streams.

add facebook and twitter to google plus

By the way: This is not supported by Safari yet.

*Source Gabriel Vasile

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