How To Customize Your Facebook Fan Page – Pt 2

How To Customize Your Facebook Fan Page – Part 2

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In the first article we talked about how to add a fan page to your primary Facebook account and how to customize that fan page with a larger sized avatar for your business. There are thousands of fan pages that still have the basic Facebook page look, so this gives you an immediate advantage, and also what I call a little sumthin’ sumthin'; but today we are going to talk about how to even add a little more pizazz to your page by adding a tab to your Facebook Fan Page which can be the primary landing page for your fan page, also known as the welcome page.

So here’s one of the big “secrets” that a lot of people want to charge you for. Facebook has their own language (Facebook Markup Language – FBML) which can help build pages on their platform, it’s just that many people don’t know about it or know how to access it. For a while now, we’ve watched some of our favorite businesses Facebook fan pages get a little personality and we’ve been wondering “HOW!” Who on earth is creating all these cool customized pages?

There are many Facebook Fan Page experts out there who are doing this for a living and they are really good at it, but if you want to make some tweaks on your own, you can absolutely do it without their help and this is how:

1. Login to your account and manage your new page.

2. Go to Apps

3. Add FBML

4. When you add it, you are basically creating another page (tab) to your Facebook page – so you will give it a name at this time. I named mine “WELCOME”. This is a good name for your page if you’re going to make your landing page – but you can also name it something keyword rich as well. That’s probably the smarter thing to do:)

5. Your apps section will look something like this now:

Add Page To Facebook Fan Page

6. Now you can Go To App and edit the code to add whatever graphics, video, subscriber code, etc. you like to customize your new welcome page. This is a great place to put an opt-in box for your newsletter, ezine, or autoresponder list. You have to use the FBML to make it look and work properly though – so it’s a good idea to read up on how to do this over at Hyperarts. They have a great FAQ about FBML that will help you customize your page.

7. You can create more than one FBML page, so you may you want one as a welcome and another for something else related to your biz. Maybe a page detailing your signature product.

8. If you want some great FREE detailed videos on how to do all this (which includes a template) then try Quite a few videos, but good information, and for free. I enjoyed the author’s Australian accent as well:) Nice change of pace.

9. What’s the point of all this? Well the goal is to really convert our Facebook Page visitors into “FANS”, and being able to customize and manipulate pages that will be more attractive and enticing will go a long way.

10. So what should you do next? Well, I’d love for you to visit my Facebook page and “LIKE” me as I have plans to start adding instructional videos to that page instead of just YouTube or my blog. I think video articles get great exposure on Facebook, so those are my plans. After you do that, it’s time for you to work on your own page. When you’re finished tweaking, leave your link in the comment section below and I’ll “LIKE” you as well and I’m sure other readers of this post will do the same. It’s great article marketing karma. We practice that a lot here:)


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