Facebook Fan Pages – New Features!

Facebook Fan Pages – New Features & Layout By Next Week!

As the entire social media field continues to grow and spread, there are a few leaders in the genre that have outstepped the rest. Facebook is one of those social media hot steppers. All you need to do is look around for the proof. An Oscar nominated movie was created about Facebook. What we think of us “mainstream” businesses such as our national news programs and large franchises all have television commercials with their little Facebook “F” logo at the bottom of the screen.

So I think it’s key to share with my community (solopreneurs, coaches, authors, speakers, etc.) that it is important to get on the Facebook train now and hang on for the ride! I am by no means an expert in social media or Facebook, but what I can tell you for sure is that the “math” speaks volumes to me. The percentage of  “referred” traffic coming from Facebook to my website is much larger than I ever realized and is growing on a weekly basis. Not by leaps and bounds because I haven’t really done much Facebook marketing, but enough that I am taking it much more seriously than I used to. Numbers don’t lie. I attract highly qualified prospects from my Facebook pages.

So this is what I want you to do this week:

1. If you don’t already have a Facebook account. Create one. It’s free and many of your prospects are on there already searching and surfing for your information.

2. Next you can create a Facebook Fan Page around your niche “raw food diet” or  yourself “Lisa Angelettie” or perhaps one of your products “Articology”.

3. With the NEW changes that are optional right now and will be mandatory starting March 11, you will be able to manage your fan page more like your main account such as liking other pages and vice-versa, getting email alerts that someone has left a message on your wall (I really love this feature), a change in the navigation placement (moved to the left), and more.

4. Depending on your niche, you will notice that 90% of Facebook Fan Pages all look the same – like a basic blue and white Facebook fan page. There is a 10% though, that have taken their pages to the next level and created a little customization as an extension of their brand, etc. (Ex. Article Marketing Income) If you’d like to make a few changes to your Facebook Fan Page, I have a few articles that walk you through that process:

Customize Facebook Fan Page

How To Customize Your Facebook Fan Page – Pt 2

How To Create Custom Facebook Url

What Should I Publish On My Fan Page?

This really should be it’s own article, and I’ll consider writing one later, but to get things going — your Facebook Fan Page is a great place for putting your content (your articles) in front of eyes in a very laid back way. This is where some people will learn what your latest article is without having to remember to visit your site or look at your RSS feed. This is where you will also get a lot of great feedback on your content and perhaps suggestions and ideas for more.

Your Facebook Fan Page is a place for a more informal conversation about what it is you do and how you can help others. It’s also a great place for adding content that wasn’t “enough” for a 400 word article but you felt is was important to share with your community. (I tend to do this)

Once you are up and running, please stop by and leave a link to your new Facebook Fan Page in the comment section so we all can stop by and give you a little Facebook love!

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