How To Write Article Titles That Get Traffic – Pt. 2

In  Part 1 of my article title writing series, we discussed the often overlooked but quite essential skill of when writing titles to blend both writing for your readers and for the search engines. One cannot be without the other in your title or it just won’t produce good results.

In this segment, we will discuss another essential element of writing article titles that gets you traffic to your site, and that is to make sure you are targeting the “right” keywords and placing them in your titles.

While it may not be your favorite thing to do, it’s really important that you conduct a little keyword research before writing articles in order to truly optimize them for the search engines.

When I first started on the web years ago, I use to write whatever struck me and titled them whatever I thought was an appropriate title based on my “journalism” background and experience. I had no clue just how important it was to properly place the right keywords in my titles to attract more organic traffic then I was receiving.

I happened to accidentally acquire a lot of traffic to many of my articles, because not many people were writing about my topic back then — so I hold many of those top rankings based on the sheer fact that I was there first. BUT if I were to start writing in that niche today, I would have to approach it in a much more calculating way. Much like I do for many of my new niches.

I would have to do my keyword research and try to rank for keywords that I could realistically get the top spots for. Period.

So if you are using article marketing (and I hope that you are:), make sure that you researching keywords using some of the better tools out there: Wordtracker and Google’s Free Keyword Tool are great.

Create a glossary of keywords to use in your niche. Refer to that glossary when writing your articles, and make sure to include one of your keyword phrases in the title of each article.

With a little keyword research and thought into your article titles, you will soon begin to pull double the traffic that you did before because you would have positioned yourself well in search engine results for your articles and your topic.

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