How To Write Article Titles That Get Traffic – Pt. 1

We all have our own secret styles to writing articles. Some of us like to begin with the title. Others write the article then come up with the title. You also need to be flexible with either approach and realize that your article may evolve as you write it and then will need a new title.

However you come up with titles for your articles, one thing is universally true, we all want people to find them online, read them, and then read the article. That’s a LOT of work our article titles have to do! That’s why I’d like to cover a few tried and true tips for writing articles that will get you traffic and get you read.

Write Your Titles For Both People And Search Engines

I want you to take a second and ask yourself who you write your titles for…

1. Do you write titles that sound clever or witty, or have you learned that titles written that way most assuredly will not get you real traffic.

2. Do you write titles that you believe will appeal to your readers? Are you sure that you have enough insight on the people in your niche to be sure that you are writing articles to them, and can they find them online?

3. Do you write titles for the search engines? Are you writing article titles that are full of keywords but offer no appeal or interest to the readers in your niche?

Remember that the real key to writing traffic generating titles is to combine writing titles for real people WITH adding keywords to your titles for the search engines. Both go hand in hand.

You need for your article titles to make sense and be appealing in order for readers to want to read the rest of the article, but you also need for readers to be able to find that article during a natural search on the web – or else how will they find you?

Creating a marriage of keywords + readability in your titles is the best way to assure loyal readership and organic search engine traffic. All this means a growing following and traffic flow to your articles, which of course is all we want our articles to do. Bring us more traffic!


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